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I am Timothy Smith, Head of Infrastructure at AIMG (AI Media Group) ​based in San Antonio, Texas, I am deeply passionate about technology. ​With a degree in Computer Information Systems where I Proudly held an ​award for Outstanding Student in my class, I thrive in team ​collaboration, project management, and delivering exceptional ​customer satisfaction.

In my professional journey, I’ve honed my skills at Kasm Technologies, ​specializing in virtualization, networking, Video Editing and ​Documentation Writing. My proficiency extends to tools like VS Code, Git, ​Docker, and various operating systems, complemented by my AWS ​Certificated Solutions Architect Associate. I’ve recently been appointed ​as Head of Infrastructure at AIMG.

At AIMG, I lead the management of on-premises servers, focusing on ​updates, maintenance, and ensuring optimal functionality. My role ​involves maintaining server health, implementing upgrades, and ​overseeing overall server operations to supPort the organization’s ​seamless functioning. Thriving in dynamic environments, I continue to ​bring innovative solutions to the forefront.

Beyond my professional journey, I’m a IT enthusiast eager to explore ​new horizons. I have a dynamic presence on HomelabTim, my YouTube ​channel which boasts 600+ subscribers, featuring popular content like ​the WireGuard VPN video, garnering over 21,000 views.


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Linux System Administration

Through effective management of ​Linux-based servers and services, I ​ensured optimal performance, ​reliability, and security.

cloud computing


My networking skills enabled me to design and ​implement robust network infrastructures. This ​included configuring services like reverse ​proxies and VPNs to ensure secure and efficient ​communication.

Docker a Set of Coupled Software as a Service

Containerization and Orchestration

Utilizing containerization tools like Docker and ​orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, I ​streamlined deployment and management of ​applications.

version control

Version Control (Git)

My proficiency in version control is exemplified ​through collaborative development and ​streamlined code management. I utilized Git ​repositories on platforms like GitHub, and ​enabled efficient tracking of changes as well as ​seamless collaboration among my team ​members.

Web Development Icon

Web Development

My expertise in web development, showcased in ​many projects enabled me to create engaging ​and functional web experiences. By leveraging ​HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CMS platforms like ​Ghost.

cyber security icon

Cybersecurity Awareness and Implementation

I demonstrated a strong understanding of cybersecurity ​principles and implementation techniques by effectively ​implementing encryption, secure networking protocols, and ​best practices for data protection.

Recent Projects

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The best password manager ​for small businesses

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comfyui on mac

Setting Up a ComfyUI ​instance on MacOS M2

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Unleashing the ​power of hugo

The open-source static site ​generator written in Go

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Ready to elevate your tech projects to new heights? ​Look no further I have a passion for innovation and a ​proven track record in virtualization, networking, ​and more, I'm here to turn your ideas into reality. Let's ​connect and create something extraordinary.

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